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Eastern Oysters - Wholesale Supplier

Eastern Oysters

We are proud to offer you the finest Eastern Oysters available. Our oysters are farm-raised triploids cultivated in floating cages. These oysters have a robust flavor, plump meat, and a smooth texture that sets them apart.

What makes our oysters truly special is the triploid breeding. Triploid oysters have an extra set of chromosomes, which renders them sterile. As a result, they devote all their energy towards growing and developing meat, creating consistently large and high-quality oysters. Most importantly, triploids are delicious year-round, not just in "r" months like wild-harvest diploids.

Our oysters are meticulously raised in floating cages, where they thrive in the pristine waters of Harris Creek. The floating cages allow for optimal water flow, ensuring the oysters receive a constant supply of nutrients, resulting in their exceptional taste, texture and size.

We take great pride in our sustainable farming practices, carefully monitoring water quality and employing environmentally friendly techniques. By choosing our oysters, you are supporting responsible aquaculture and enjoying the best the Chesapeake Bay has to offer.

Retail sales are exclusively through Chesapeake Seafood in Saint Michaels and select East Coast restaurants.

From April through October we are selling our prime 4" + oysters. Price: $110 per hundred. Minimum Order: 100 unshucked oysters

Delivery Options:
Local pick-up
Delivery available for repeat customers in the Saint Michaels area

Contact Information:
For wholesale orders, please contact:
Phone: 301-996-8762
Email: Oysters@oystergirl.us

We sell our Eastern Oysters during the summer season and
for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Place your orders in advance to ensure availability for your events.