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Oyster Volume Calculator

Enter any two values and push [Calculate], the calculator will
compute the third value.


This is for Eastern oysters, C. virginica

For example: I put 500 seed into a cage a few months ago. The volume is now 4 Liters. What is the average oyster size now? (Answer 42.59 mm)

Another example: I have 55 mm seed ready for final planting and I want to plant 150 oysters per cage. Rather than counting out 150 seed for each cage, I could scoop up a given volume. The calculator tells me that 150 55mm seed take up a volume of 2.23 Liters.

Based on Rudner (2020), this uses v = .0000009x2.4237 where v is the volume in liters/oyster and x is the shell height in mm to calculate the volume of an oyster given it's shell height.

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