Oyster Girl Oysters

   Saint Michaels, MD

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Our Brand

We differentiate ourselves by the size, rarity, pricing and source of our oysters. To the retail market, i.e. consumers at town festivals, we chiefly offer Oyster Girl Primes which are four inch and larger oysters. We strive to make sure that our customers know they are getting a special large oyster from local waters that is not always available. We note the selective breeding for taste and the raising in special cradles to assure a deep cup and low width to height ratio. We hope to also differentiate ourselves with pricing. Oyster Girl Primes are offered at $8 for 6 or $1.50 each rather than the usual “buck a shuck”. We don’t think anyone else is charging as much or has a discount for purchasing 6 oysters. We also offer Oyster Girl Selects, which are high quality, market size 3” oysters for $5.00 for 6 or $1.00 each. The goal is to create demand.

Our name and artwork also help us differentiate our oysters. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and the Chesapeake Landing Restaurant, both in Saint Michaels, have extensive oyster can collections. We studied the artwork and names on those cans. Most are named for the local waters and all have boring artwork. “The Oyster Girl,” painted in 1882 by Francis Wheatley (1747-1801), presents a neatly dressed servant shucking oysters. The artwork was chosen to denote classic quality and attention to detail and to be memorable. We think we are the only area oyster with artwork on the label. The painting is in the public domain and we are free to use it as we wish.

Be sure to check out our theme song on our links page. I suspect we are the only oyster farm with a theme song.